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With & Without Kids

For a week-and-a-half I’ve been kid-free! The wife took them to North Carolina a week ago. After seven days she left them with family and came back to spend a week with just the two of us.

Yeah, it’s been a bit weird. Not in a bad way…just in a, it’s been kind of weird way.

I’m expecting screaming at any second from one of the little bastards. Maybe a machine gun of requests for food, toys, bike ride, or to play a game. But it doesn’t come…just blissful silence.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Life With Kids

The Boy: “Daaaaddddyyy!!! Macy just kicked me in my shin and told me I was stupid!!”

Life Without Kids

Me: “Hey honey!? Come quick and watch this!! I can rock my thingy back in forth in perfect time with the metronome!!”

Life With Kids

Me: “Yeah, so today Bob came up to me and….. hold on Grayson I’m talking to your mother. And so Bob came up to me and….Macy, I just told your brother I was talking to mommy – please hold on. So Bob said to me….Grayson!!! Listen to me son. I’m trying to talk to mommy. Now please…WAIT!! So Bob says….Oh my lord, seriously Macy? I’m trying to talk!!!!!”

Life Without Kids

Wifey: “Honey, please…I just want to do yoga in peace. Do you really have to sit on the couch drinking a beer and eating popcorn? I’m not a movie!”

Life With Kids

Wifey: “OK…it’s been an hour. I’m pretty sure they’re asleep, but let’s try and be quiet just in case. Damn we really need to get a lock on this door. We would seriously traumatize the hell out of the kids if they walked in right now.”

Life Without Kids

Driving home from work and only ten minutes away from the house I get a text message: “Meet me in the basement, and hurry.”

I do miss the little rug-rats. I miss them more than ever. But damn I’m enjoying this time with just the wifey. It’s weeks like this that make me appreciate the time I have with my kids now…and makes me smile at the impending time I’ll have with the wife when they’re all grows up.