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I Guest Blog While Wearing A Peach-Head

A fellow blogger and friend “Being Peachy” is apparently AWOL. We’re not quite sure where she is or when she’ll be back. So, the lovely and talented animation queen JC Little of Little Animation and her blog The Animated Woman, convinced me to get dressed up as peaches and guest post for her.

So, go on….check out JC and me as we don our peach-heads and try to figure out where-in-the-hell the Peach is. Click here to see the guest post!



I Guest Blog On A .org Site!

I was just as shocked as you. I got a very nice email from a gentleman last week who kindly asked if I’d like to do a guest post for his blog DaddysHome,Inc. I immediately checked out the site and it’s an official non-profit dedicated to serving as a resource for stay at home dads. A real live .org!!

Immediately I thought, oh shit! I’m going to have put my big-boy pants on to write something for this guy? I’ll probably have to go to the damn library, put footnotes on it, and maybe even quote a PhD.

The owner of the site, Shannon, quickly put my fears to rest. “We’re all dudes, just do what you do best my man.”

So, I wrote about how the wife and I (mainly me) thought we were pregnant earlier this week.

And…here’s the post – enjoy! And makes sure you poke around the site a bit more…it’s pretty kick-ass.

The Scare!