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I've Been Reviewed!

Yesterday I had the amazing privilege of having my blog reviewed by a great daddy blogger Stay At Home Dad in Lansing (@tessasdad on Twitter, Chris in real life). This cool cat made a commitment at the beginning of this year to review a dad blog every Sunday throughout the year.

I was shocked earlier in the week when I saw he’d chosen my interweb machine thingy site. So I sat back nervously, fingers crossed, hoping he wouldn’t toss out phrases like:

“This hack douchebag of a father should not only be locked-up and beaten with baby tigers, but his website should be shutdown and used only for torturing terrorists.”

“The last time I read something as awful as this prick’s blog was when I was forced to read journal entries from Octomom during her pregnancy.”

It was like taking my clothes off for a girl for the first time. I was overwhelmingly excited, nervous, and checking out my junk obsessively in the hopes everything would look perfect for the big reveal.

Then yesterday the review was posted and it absolutely humbled me beyond all means. It was thoughtful, insightful, and just a very well written review. Chris had clearly taken the time to plow through the many posts I’ve written and get a great handle on exactly what I’d hoped to communicate through my ramblings.

To read his review: CLICK HERE.

And sign up for my man’s RSS feed because he’s got some great stuff going on at his blog. He is an amazingly passionate father, insightful human being, and damn good at capturing all of it in a well-written blog. Enjoy kids!

And thanks again Chris!