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The last time I saw a dead body was 4 years ago.

I cried, I looked around, I judged,

It was not the person I knew it was,

It was empty.


Yesterday I took the first step towards understanding.

Today I looked back

Tomorrow, the second step will be…..


Elements of my life I couldn’t describe,

Elements of my life I’d never want to share.

Their hair…the voices,

The laughs….the disappointment,

The puddy in my hands that I mold.


Yesterday I stopped my car in front of an animal confused in the road.

Today I’m writing about it.

Yesterday… died.

Today, I’m writing about it.


Within my life I’ve collected things I’d change,

They define me…

They don’t define me….

Within my life I’ve collected things.


I enjoy the life of four heartbeats,

They define me,

They are me,

And when I stand on the cliff,

I’ll jump,

I won’t need to look back

To understand

To know

To question love

To prepare for the next