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Picking A Good One

We drove North West of the Chicagoland area today in search of some killer apples. I've never been apple picking before.... Funny enough, I was the only one in the car, my kids included, that could say that.

I pulled a chapter from the Obama presidency and gave a historic speech to the kids before they put their first ass-cheek in their seat. I was all: "If you love your country...if you love your fellow'll stay'll respect your parents.....when daddy needs to hit the ABC store on the way, you'll offer him an extra quarter to help pay the liquor tax.....thow shalt not beat your sister!!!

Whatever mojo that speech created, sat well with kick-ass Macy:

And when we was like a playground for my talented wifey to break out the camera and do her typical, but amazingly talented magic. Enjoy...I know I do. And I have to add...we will always love that midwestern sky...  :