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Hey - Pass the Santa Eyedrops

My poor little sweet 5-year-old daughter has "The Pink Eye." There's a huge difference between pink eye and The Pink Eye. Pink eye is what adults get, or older kids who just roll with the punches. "The Pink Eye" is what cute little girls get and think the end of the world is crashing down around them when they have to have eyedrops put in.

Earlier this morning the daughter said to me, "Daddy, I know what Santa's gonna bring to me."

"And what's that little lady?"

"Santa eyedrops," she said.

"Really? Santa eyedrops?!"

Shortly after Twittering this awesome statement from my little princess, a kick-ass Twitter follower, @DuchessOfBlog wisely said I should capture her statement of magical Christmas eyedrops on tape. And I did. And here it is....

Santa Eye Drops from on Vimeo.