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My Guest Blog on "Waiting for the Click"

A while ago, my friend Leslee Horner, who I was very lucky to meet through Twitter (@lesleehorner), asked if I’d write a guest blog post for her site Waiting for the Click.

Leslee Horner

Her blog is a spyglass on her path to self-discovery. She’s one of the brave few who’ve asked themselves “Who am I?” and “What am I here for?” and then integrated the effort to answer those questions into her everyday life. We’re fortunate she’s taken it a step further and taken time out of her days as a mother, wife, and friend, to write about her journey for us to read, learn from, and contemplate.

I immediately responded to Leslee with a resounding “hell yeah I’ll write a guest post for you!” Then knocked out my “click” moment when my good friend @momomatic gave me the nudge I needed to start writing again. Her nudge is what gave birth to this blog, lifting the longtime wall that’s kept me from writing for years.

Here’s my guest post. I hope you take time to plow through some of Leslee’s great writings while you’re there.

Thanks again Leslee!!